For a season of well-dressed spectating.



Words: C. Saramowicz


Summer sporting events are more than just supporting your favourite team or player – they’re social gatherings, a chance to get together with friends and family to celebrate sport and have a good time. It’s also an opportunity to dress well, whether you’re headed to Wimbledon or a pub to watch the football. Let’s look at some of the events you might be attending this summer, and what to wear for them.



The Olympics are one of the most prestigious sporting events of the year, but you don’t have to wear a suit to enjoy them. Unless you’re watching them live, you’ll most likely be relaxing at home in front of the TV or watching the events in the local pub. A smart pair of shorts in breathable linen will ensure you stay comfortable while looking put together. Combine them with a linen shirt and a pair of casual loafers. 



If you’re planning on watching the Euros this year, comfort is your best bet. A classic chino or cargo pant will always hit the spot, but our take is slightly elevated so that you’ll still look polished. As for your top half, invest in something loose so you can move with ease a t-shirt or a short sleeve linen is a great choice. Finish with a pair of comfortable trainers to pull it all together. 



Dressing up for a polo match is pretty much a given, so you won’t look out of place if you choose to wear a blazer. An unlined jacket is a good choice for the summer months as it’s a bit more breathable and won’t feel too heavy. Our take is crafted from an Italian wool and cashmere blend, boasting a lovely drape and a subtle bit of texture. Pair yours with a smart pair of stretch chinos and lightweight loafers for a sharp look that feels cohesive too. 



There’s a dresscode for most areas at Henley Regatta, so make sure you check your ticket before you attend. Formal attire is required at the Stewards Enclosure, while the Regatta Enclosure is a bit more casual. If you want to join the herds of people wearing stripes (keeping to the event’s rowing theme), choose a suit that’s truly something special – our take is cut from Italian wool that hails from the Ferla mill, in an on-trend copper colour that will really stand out from the crowd. Top it off with an airy linen shirt and a striped tie and you’re ready for the rowing.