How to go all out when you’re staying in - The Inside Pocket

Stay in, stay stylish.



Socialising’s going to look a bit different this year with the only certainty in your diary for a while set to be the coming and going of government restrictions.

What we all need now is positivity. We’ve said this before but we’ll keep saying it because we so strongly believe in it: dressing up is good for your mental wellbeing. There are actual studies that support this too, with the theory of enclothed cognition telling us we embody the meaning we attach to our clothes. It follows, then, that the clothes you associate with good times are also the clothes that are going to lift your spirits.

So, the remedy to a season-full of staying in? Go all out with your outfit instead. Here’s how.


Dating now is a totally different game to pre-lockdown days. While we don’t have the answer for creating on-screen chemistry, we do know that your outfit tells your date a lot about you – so make it a good one!

Past the first-impressions stage? Make a date of staying in with your significant other and get dressed up as if you were going out (even if you’re only going as far as your living room). They’ll love you for it.


Virtual games night with your mates is probably more low-key boardgames than high-stakes gambling, so up the ante with your look instead.

Our suggestion? Bring the casino to you with a double-breasted white tuxedo jacket. It may not be the night you win a million pounds, but you’ll certainly look it.


Everybody appreciates a dinner party host that’s made the effort. And if your cooking isn’t up to scratch, a great outfit will serve as a great distraction. Even a takeaway comes off as refined when you’re dishing it out wearing a suit.

A word of advice: make sure your manners are as good as your outfit by letting your guests know you’re planning to dress smartly so they can do the same if they want to.


No plans? That’s ok – there’s no excuse needed to dress up in our books. So put on the mink-pink suit, wear your best shoes, add a bow tie if you’re in the mood for it. Really, go all out. Just because your social life might be a little dimmer than usual, it doesn’t mean your style has to be.