How to suit up for the office

With workwear this good, you’ll be glad that Monday morning’s come quickly.

If you wear a suit to work, you’ll be well aware of the challenge of keeping things professional without losing your sense of style. What you wear plays a big part in how other people perceive you, and a sharp suit is your simplest way to show you mean business, but that’s not to say you can’t have a little fun with what you wear too.

We asked suit-lover Jake, The Debonair, to show us how suits up for the office. As a former barman now spending his days in the marketing world, he knows all about dressing for the job you’ve got – and the one you want. As he says: “…just because you’re an executive, doesn’t mean you can’t dress like a CEO”.

Read how he styled his office look below and see the full story over on his blog.



“For work, I suited up a skinny fit 3-piece made from eye-catching, charcoal, windowpane fabric, adding a navy-blue knitted tie and white pocket square. Blue, white and grey is a no-brainer combination – you can trust that it will always work, especially if you have to get ready in a rush.

The shirt itself is from the Moss collection. It’s slim-fit, white and basket-woven, crafted from 100% cotton. The luxurious quality is easy to iron and the single-button cuff and classic collar make it a proper no-fuss option. Perfect for those early starts.”


“The key to a great work suit is its versatility when the clock strikes 5.30pm. This ensemble is comfortable enough for the commute and most certainly stylish enough for the bar; therefore it’s great for work!”


Inspired to raise your officewear game? Shop Jake’s look below.