The brow suit has returned in modern silhouettes and contemporary shades.



Words: C.Saramowicz


The brown suit is finally making a comeback. First popularised in the 1930s with a resurgence in the early 70s, brown suiting fell off the radar for many years, with the sleeker black, navy and grey hues taking precedent. However, brown suits are more than just your dad’s old blazer – they’ve been restructured and revived into modern shapes and fresh tones. Let’s see how you can fit a brown suit into your current wardrobe.


Moss - slim fit camel flannel suit

Get married in a brown suit

Brown may not be your first choice for a wedding, but take the tone up a few notches and you’ve got a radiant sand colour that works perfectly as a neutral base. Our camel twill suit is crafted from 100% wool that is both comfy and breathable, handy if you’ll be wearing it all day long. It’s also cut to a flattering tailored fit that sits neatly across the shoulders and arms.

Once you have your base, accessorise to your heart’s content – if you want to go for a more traditional look, pair with a crisp white shirt and silk tie, or play around with colour by adding a pop of blue or silver depending on your theme. Add the matching waistcoat to refine things further.


Moss - slim fit brown tweed suit

Wear a brown suit to the office

Office suits don’t have to be tiresome – cut it to a slim fit and add a herringbone weave and you’ve got a contemporary tweed that’ll look just as good with a white shirt as it will with a knit. This one has the addition of a waistcoat, making it great for weddings too. Finish off with a woven tie for an additional bit of texture.


Slim fit - copper cord double breasted jacket

Wear a brown suit on a night out

Double breasted suits are often reserved for more formal events, but if you like looking extra sharp for nights out too, this copper cord is a great option. Crafted from a fine needlecord and cut to a slim fit, it’s got an extra bit of stretch for ease of movement while still keeping you smart.

Copper tones have been making the rounds lately, and for good reason – they’re a great way to add colour without being too intense. Pair it with a tonal knit and become the evening’s subtle statement maker.


Moss - slim fit taupe matt linen double breasted suit

Wear a brown suit to a wedding

Taupe is great for weddings as it’s got a hint of grey, meaning it’s a suitably neutral base to build your look off of. If you’re heading to a more formal wedding, this double breasted linen suit will keep cool and can be styled in a multitude of ways; pair with a tonal tie for a head-to-toe taupe look, or choose a bright tie and pocket square combo to liven it up a bit. If it’s a more casual affair, swap out your shirt for a knitted tee and open the jacket up for a relaxed take.