How to wear one of our favourite colour palettes to this season’s weddings.
How to wear blue, navy and white to an autumn wedding



Words: T. MacInnis

When it comes to an autumn wedding, whether you’re the groom or a guest, you might think “classic” autumnal colours are your only option. But if you’re not a fan of earthy tones like brown, green or deep red, we have good news for you: blue is back for autumn.

While blue is of course a super popular spring/summer colour, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep wearing it through autumn, particularly to an occasion that calls for a suit, like a wedding. Below, we run through a few ways to wear light blue and navy to an autumn wedding, accented with different tones of blue and finished off with white. So if you’re getting married, or if you’re RSVPing to loads of weddings this season, let this be a little outfit inspiration.

autumn wedding suit

Blue on blue on blue

Blue is one of those colours that typically looks good on everyone. So if you’re game to try head-to-toe blue, you’ll probably have a winning look on your hands. Also, each element of your outfit will be super wearable with all the other pieces you have in your wardrobe.

Opting for a blue-on-blue checked suit is a bolder option, so pair it with a pale blue shirt and minimal accessories to let that suit take centre stage. Or, if you’re going to a more formal wedding (or you’re the groom), opt for a pale blue three-piece suit, and then continue the tonal theme with a blue-and-white printed tie and a grey-blue shirt. Mixing different shades of blue with different undertones can add a little visual interest your all-blue look.

How to wear blue, navy and white to an autumn wedding

Make your blue casual

If you’re going to a city wedding, or you just want to look a bit more pared back, think about switching your usual dress shirt out for knitwear. You’ll still look polished, but you’ll stand out from the crowd. This is a great option if you know the temperatures are going to be cooler, too.

Try layering one of our merino zip-neck jumpers underneath a classic navy suit. The pairing of the knit and the more formal suit makes for a nice contrast, and you’ll absolutely wear all of these pieces again. Pair the zip-neck jumper with joggers for work, and wear the suit to your next big interview.

How to wear blue, navy and white to an autumn wedding

Go classic and formal at the next autumn wedding

Particularly for a wedding, nothing says autumn like tweed. This navy blue Donegal tweed suit has soft flecks of a brighter blue that give it depth, which makes it a perfect choice for a groom or a groomsman. Adding in the matching waistcoat elevates the look even further.

In keeping with this classic choice for an autumn wedding, we suggest layering a classic white shirt underneath. It’s another piece you’ll wear again, and something you might already have in your wardrobe.

Again, blue is a universally-flattering colour, and it’s often the first one people reach for when they deviate from a black or grey suit. But dressing yours up with the suggestions above can make it a bit more special. And you owe it to the couple (or your soon-to-be spouse) to look extra special at a wedding.