Featherweight styles that’ll more than pull their weight in your carry-on.

Moss - tailored fit navy linen shirt



Words: C. Saramowicz


When travelling light, choosing your luggage wisely is key – you don’t want to be that person in the middle of the airport repacking your bag. Think lightweight fabrics, airy trousers, and shoes that won’t bulk up your suitcase and you can wear again and again.

It’s also worth thinking about how you’ll be spending your time. Are you heading to a wedding? Invest in a linen suit that you can style up or down. Exploring a city? Seersucker shorts and light cotton tees are the way to go.

It’s all about feeling comfortable and cool, all while keeping your luggage weight down. To assist with your search for the perfect light luggage, we weighed some of our summer bestselling essentials to see how to see which ones are the best for cabin bags (and how much space you’ll have left for souvenirs).




Swim shorts

If you’re heading somewhere with a pool or a beach, you’ll probably be taking at least one pair of swim shorts with you. If  so, make sure it’s one that’s worthy of your holiday (and won’t take up too much space either).

Seersucker is a great choice for cabin baggage as it’s light in weight and has a natural wrinkle, so you can wear it straight out of the suitcase. Our swim shorts are also designed to go further than just the pool – style them with a linen shirt or a plain tee for day parties, dinner and beyond.

Read more about the benefits of seersucker here.



Linen shirt

Linens are a warm weather favourite, and for good reason – moisture wicking, breathable and antibacterial, they also has the benefit of being lightweight too. Fill your suitcase with linen shirts in a range of colours, both long sleeve and short – they’ll see you through daytime walks, evening dinners and everything in between.

Complete the linen look with a pair loose trousers that’ll offer airy comfort and won’t weigh down your bag.



Safari shirt

Depending on how long you’re heading for, you’ll need at least one overshirt for cooler evenings or days when the sun disappears. It’s a little bit bulkier than our other items, but taking one and styling it with several outfits is the key. To make sure it’s as light as possible, choose one that’s crafted from linen or seersucker. Our take has a bit of added stretch for comfort, and features the traditional puckering often seen on seersucker. It’ll protect you from the cool air but is breathable enough to be worn in warmer climates.




Shoes will most likely be the bulkiest of your items, so be sure to take a pair that really packs(!) a punch. For a trip lasting only a few days, you’ll want to be packing one pair of shoes (unless you’re heading to a wedding), so choose wisely. Aside from your sandals or flipflops, lightweight loafers or espadrilles will be your go-to for a summer holiday.