Partners in crime: suit and shirt combos - The Inside Pocket


Every prom suit needs its sidekick.

Think of it this way: your suit might be the hero in your prom outfit, but even the best heroes have a partner in crime. A great prom shirt will make your suit look its best, playing a support role to your overall look. Sometimes it’ll even steal the spotlight. Either way, the two need to work together to get the best results.

Here are four winning suit and shirt combinations to get you going.




Bold, but surprisingly easy to pull off. Pastels are a massive menswear trend at the moment but can seem a little daunting for some. Rather than doubling the effect, wearing the same tone head-to-toe actually softens the look because there’s less contrast than there would be with a stark, white shirt. We appreciate you might have to trust us on that one. One thing we can say for sure though: doing tone-on-tone and a ruffled shirt takes the look into unmistakable spotlight-stealer territory.




A classic black tux is always supposed to be worn with an impeccably pressed white dress shirt and, really, they don’t look as suave with anything else. But this is prom and you’ve got years of sticking to formal black tie rules ahead of you, so feel free to throw a more casual shirt into the mix. It should really still be white for the full tuxedo effect but if a more relaxed fabric or leaving it untucked makes you feel better about yourself, we’re all for it.




Gone all out with your jacket? Then you’ll need a shirt that’s got the goods to support it. This prom jacket ticks off metallic gold, brocade cloth and a jewel-toned bird motif in one – that’s already a lot for any look, so you’ve got to be careful not to stray into ‘too much’ territory. A navy shirt picks out the jacket’s dark blue details and creates a solid base while including a little texture adds to the overall rich effect.




It doesn’t get much fresher than a spring-appropriate floral pattern. Except a floral shirt paired with this season’s freshest pastel suiting. You don’t need them to match but you’ll want to pick a floral pattern with similarly toned shades to your suit. In this case, the shirt’s pastel blue and white print complements the suit’s faded pink cloth, while the darker base colour adds impact.