How to plan a wedding: a no-fuss checklist - The Inside Pocket

Everything you need to do in the order you need to do it.
Words: N. Dickson

Engaged? Congrats! Now the planning starts. Maybe you’ve got months and months to get organised or maybe you need to get it all done in a month.

However long you’ve got to plan your wedding, here’s everything you’ll need to do in the order you’ll need to do it.


Next, it’s time to start looking at venues – once you’ve got yours booked, everything else can follow. It’ll help to have a rough idea of guest numbers at this point so you can gauge what venue will work and how much it’ll cost.

Time to sort your big-ticket bookings as many get snapped up well in advance.

Now’s the time to do it so it’s ready for your guests when their invites arrive.

You did it – you married your best person! Enjoy the morning-after glow (or possible hangover).