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Words: M. Woods

It’s no exaggeration to say that 2022 has been big for the wedding industry with so many weddings happening in such a short space of time as a result of the post-pandemic wedding boom and the pipeline of postponements finally bursting through.

The fact that engaged couples are now able to plan their weddings with more freedom and confidence than at any other time in history will no doubt be reflected in the choices they make in 2023.

We’ve already seen a huge surge in couples turning their backs on outdated wedding traditions in favour of new traditions and rituals that are more personal to them. This element of personalisation in weddings will continue to soar in 2023.

Perhaps the most exciting and important thing for weddings in 2023 is the fact that couples will finally be able to enjoy the wedding planning process for the first time in a long time and this is going to transpire into some amazing celebrations. In fact, 2023 might just be the most exciting year for weddings yet.

These are my five 2023 wedding predictions:


wedding trends 2023 by moss bros

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Celebrant-led ceremonies

As weddings evolve, it’s safe to say that more and more couples are thinking out of the box with their wedding plans. Gone are the days of the limited choices when it comes your wedding ceremony… church (priest) or registry office (registrar). A celebrant-led wedding ceremony can take place anytime and anywhere. Your favourite beach at sunset, that enchanted spot of woodland at dawn, or your own back garden. The possibilities are endless, so you can get really personal with the when, the where and the why. Having your celebrant-led wedding ceremony take place somewhere that has a special meaning to you both is a great way to make your guests feel part of the experience and your journey.

Celebrant-led weddings are very bespoke, putting the couple at the centre of ceremony as opposed to religion or law so it’s no wonder we are seeing a rise personalised wedding ceremonies. Couples who choose to have a celebrant-led wedding tend to do so after attending one themselves. Celebrant-led wedding ceremonies have a positive knock-on effect that is set to continue in 2023.


wedding trends 2022 by moss bros

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Alternative wedding entertainment

Gone are the days of the standard wedding reception sit-down meal followed by a boogie to the Jive Bunny megamix before ‘carriages at midnight’, thankfully. Modern couples can do much better than that and have been pushing the boundaries of wedding entertainment over the last few years. Just as with your wedding ceremony, your wedding entertainment does not need to be formulaic and should be an extension of your personality.

We’ve progressed from the obligatory photo booth complete with Tommy Cooper-Esque fez to super-stylish GIF booths that look good on the dance floor. The Un-Wedding’s Book Of Love directory is a hotbed for some of the UK’s most alternative wedding entertainment options because couples want to give their guests a night to remember. Think retro-gaming stations, live illustration, even tarot card reading.

2023 wedding entertainment will be less about following traditions and more about giving your guests the best and most unique experience.


wedding trends 2022 by moss bros

Photo by Sidey Clark

Personalised details

Say no to conveyor belt weddings. This is something that more creative couples have been rebelling against for a while now because weddings are not a one-size-fits-all scenario. The personalisation of your wedding is the thing that sets your wedding apart from everyone else’s.

Whether it’s a bespoke wedding ceremony, a personalised wedding favour for your guests, or a signature cocktail served at your wedding reception because it’s your favourite tipple, there are a plethora of ways that you can personalise your wedding. The more weird and wonderful, the better, as we approach a time in wedding history where almost anything goes.

2023 is the year to stop being generic and put your stamp on your wedding.


wedding trends 2022 by moss bros

Photo by Natalia Paulina


We’ve seen a huge rise in couples being more mindful about the sustainability of their wedding and rightly so because historically, weddings can be opulent and indulgent occasions.

Today’s modern couples are proving that we can find ways to celebrate without harming the planet or breaking the bank, and a great way to do this is by repurposing where possible.

Whether it’s creating styling elements from your own home using plants and furniture, or having your wedding co-ordinator breakdown your ceremonial flowers to use them as your table centre-pieces. Couples are savvier than ever when it comes to finding ways to breathe new life into old things and this will continue to surge in 2023 given the rise in the cost of living.


wedding trends 2022 by moss bros

Colours, prints and textures

Colours, prints and textures are set to be big in for 2023 as more and more couples throw out the rule book when it comes to weddings. This is especially exciting for grooms wear which historically, lacks in variety. Well, not anymore. Even the shrinking violets amongst you can go big with a colourful tie, printed sock, textured jacket, or all 3.

Wedding Trends 2023: Conclusion

2023 weddings are going to be all about representing you as the couple, what you really want and what you love. Continue to say no to the outdated traditions and formulas, make more intentional decisions regarding the styling and details. Do you really need it? Wil it make a positive impact? Show your guests a good time without all the excess. Oh yeah, and get back into the joy of planning your wedding. Leave all the stress behind. It’s supposed to be fun!

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