Fred’s wedding guest style.



Words: T. MacInnis


” If you’re heading to a wedding, you owe it to the couple to bring your best.

“Style a sharp three-piece with a shirt and tie, or a pastel suit with a cashmere polo. It’s about putting it all together in whatever way makes you feel on top of the world.”

– Fred



The new neutral

For a wedding abroad, or even a laid-back city setting, you can keep it a bit more casual. But the secret is it to get the fit just right and dress head-to-toe tonal. With Fred’s pick here, our slim fit neutral suit, leaving the waistcoat out of the equation and subbing in a T-shirt and tonal brown loafers makes it feel relaxed and ready for a party.



Elevated casual

This is a similar approach to Fred’s pick above, but this time, the suit offers up some detail in its neutral, still subtle check, a look that’s trending this season. Along with that, the performance suit is crafted in a harder wearing wool blend that’s stain resistant and so easy to wear. With a merino knit T-shirt underneath, the overall outfit looks slightly more put together than a basic white tee. And the texture of the merino is matches the matte suede of the loafers.

Back to basics

Fred’s pick of our tailored fit black and white check suit is a classic move. But, it’s a classic with a twist. This new take on tweed, with a small-scale check that’s easy to wear, is a straightforward way to work a bit of pattern into your line up. Paired with a shirt that brings out the pale blue in the suit, you can’t go wrong with this outfit – one that could even work for the groomsmen or best men.


Go all out

When in doubt, go with a full three-piece, particularly if you’re attending a wedding at a countryside estate. Both of Fred’s picks here take this formal look and add an element of personality. With the darker herringbone tweed, you get an unexpected colour in the olive, and pairing it with a knitted tie also makes it more modern. The lighter herringbone tweed is an easy way to wear a trending pastel shade, and with the textured grenadine tie, you’re again getting a pairing you wouldn’t normally see with this traditional material. Either way, both three-piece looks feel current and fresh.