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Moss - tailored fit Italian rust suit



Words: C. Saramowicz


Striped suits seem to have a resurgence every few decades or so. First appearing at the end of the 19th century, striped tailoring was often associated with bankers, whose stripes varied in thickness depending on what institution they worked for. Soon, the style became the uniform of gangsters, jazz musicians and many film stars during the 1920s prohibition era.

Today, pinstripes are seen on red carpets and runways alike, the shapes, fits and styles adjusting with the ever-changing fashion landscape.



Moss - tailored fit Italian denim suit


Why are striped suits so popular?

Striped suits have come in and out of fashion many times, primarily because of their versatility. It’s a style that works for most occasions, with flattering vertical stripes that give the illusion of a slimmer frame.

They also come in a wealth of colours, from traditional black, grey and blue to more modern colours like copper, mauve and green, For some, they’re a statement maker; for others, they’re a classic design that’s transcended time and fashion trends.



How to style a pinstripe suit

Striped suits have long been associated with workwear, but with more contemporary styles and softer structures now available, there is opportunity to experiment.

The most obvious place to wear a striped suit is work. With it’s slim, flattering fit and double breasted closure, our dusty pink linen suit will easily see you through the working week. It’s a slightly bolder choice than a classic blue or grey, but the muted pink offers a great way to ease into colour without feeling too overwhelmed. Pair with a crisp white shirt and tonal tie (preferably from Italian tie specialists Bottinelli).

Meanwhile, our chalk stripe suits are great for both smart and casual affairs. Cut from Italian wool that hails from the world-famous Ferla mill, the fabric has a distressed, textured finish which softens the suit’s aesthetic, allowing for a wealth of styling opportunities. The classic tailored fit sharpens the silhouette with the drawstring trouser offering a slightly more laid back look, which works well for dates, dinners and everything in between. Combine with an open neck shirt and hold the tie, or tone it down further with a t-shirt and casual loafers.


Moss - slim fit mauve stripe double breasted suit